thomas-james fisher

The whole media scare frenzy on Ebola reminds me very much of the early days of the AIDS crisis where once again the victims of the disease are being marginalized and cast as unclean, dirty, etc. Do I detect just a hint of racism and colonialism in the “it could come here” hysteria by the US media? I can’t even begin to image what it must be like to be in an isolation unit and treated by healthcare providers in hazmat suits. I totally applaud the healthcare workers who are providing care. I clearly remember those days when people were afraid to touch those suspected of carrying the evil AIDS and the marginalization of whole communities…
Lest we forget, it is US and European imperialism that creates the conditions in Africa that creates these kinds of epidemics, and then we blame the victims. Stop the fear mongering and the hateful anti-immigrant rhetoric … this shit just pisses me off.