Shame on you Macmillan #ASLicebucketchallange

The ice bucket challenges. Although a lot of these viral challenges seem daft this one made sense. It raised awareness and funds for a relatively unknown and very underfunded charity for motor neurone disease. The point of the ice was to show the crippling and paralysing feeling suffered by those who have it.

I am so disappointed that #macmillan have hijacked the stunt and is directing funds to themselves. They don’t need to raise awareness for cancer as its pretty well known, nor do they need the advertisement as they have spent £13 million on advertising alone, more than ASL or (MND as we call it in the UK) has made from this challenge. Jumping on the bandwagon of a smaller charity’s efforts is a bully tactic and they should be ashamed of themselves.

I’d understand if it was a case of people choosing to go with them but there website is actively stating that the #icebucketchallange is for them. I hope they do a swift turn and donate their proceeds.