Animals are for life, not just for your own selfish commission


I am a huge animal lover if I saw any animal in distress I would do whatever I could to help the animal. It’s a dream of mine to own my own little doggie, but my apartment in the city is much too small and it would be my own act of cruelty.

During my lunch break on Tuesday, I was approached by a male from animal charity ‘WASP’, “Look at the state of this dog bruv, want to adopt him?” I coughed on my own cigarette “Bruv’  In repeated to him, “Yeah blood, donate to help this dog, or buy him”

I am 23 year old, I know the language kids today use, but seriously wouldn’t you think somebody hired by a charity they would recruit somebody with better English vocabaly??

Anybody who knows me will know my spelling/grammar is shit, but working in customer services myself I would never ask for a donation by calling somebody bruv!!!

Well if you cannot educate them….. Then I guess you join them!!

“Well buv I happen to live in a tiny apartment in the city and having a huge Great Dane living there would do more harm to the dog than living were he/she is currently houses”

I was given a look of discuss “Whatever Blood (Ok so we are on blood terms now) you got no heart innit”

I laughed, “No heart”???

“Look mate, I don’t want your money, just send a text here for support”

As I look at piece of screwed up piece of paper, I am reminded that ever text message sent costs me £5.00, “sorry BLOOD, But no commission for you today, INNIT”

See two can play that game….

And I am sorry to say to the Animal charity WASP, but if you want people to seriously donate, then I suggest putting more time to recruiting more credible and less threatening street ‘SALES MEN/WOMAN’

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