Fragments Sham!!


So in 2007 I was asked by Ross Nickson viva Myspace to take part in an UK featured film, as you can imagine at 17 I was very excited, and expected my 15 minutes of fame…

So I used whatever savings I had, to get a train to a rough area of Manchester where we filmed a scene in the park….

Following the filming, I was never given any release form, or payment (we agreed it would be free but that I would be given a trailer of my scene)

Anyways….. I went out of my way to promise the project, got it up on IMDB, some other UK film websites…… too nice for my own good I am…

It’s now 2013, the whole project was done so long ago…. I have tried to contact the guy but I never hear back from Ross, except for tonight…..

Ross Nickson

hi Tom, working on it right now. Probably another 6 months of editing whenever I’m not in work. Got a rough 90 minute cut, editing the new scenes into it, some grading and then adding the score. Stay tuned for updates, but as mentioned before your scene will probably appear just in a montage no

Thomas-James Fisher

any chance of sending me my scene as we agreed, It would be nice to have it after waiting over 8 yrs lo

Ross Nickson

not at any point soon, priority for me is finishing the actual movie. your scene isn’t edit at all as it won’t be included in the narrative (maybe just in a montage). sorry Tom. Forget about this movie and move your career on

……….. BASTARD…..

If anything, I have learned the entertainment industry is full of users, and unless you sign the dotted line your FUCKED…….

I hope his film career flops, just like his FUCKING LIES, AND BAD ATTITUDE….

In good news……. I wont have my face appearing in his shitty movie, all exists is this blog and a CRAPPY youtube video.


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